Corporate Insolvency

Corporate insolvency is for companies that cannot pay their debts as and when they fall due for payment.  It is regulated by the Corporations Act.


Woodgate & Co. can provide the following corporate insolvency administrations:

  • Receivership;
  • Voluntary administration;
  • Deed of Company Arrangement;
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidation;
  • Court liquidation; and,
  • Provisional liquidation.
Woodgate & Co. can wind up solvent companies via members’ voluntary liquidations.


Pursuant to the Corporations Act, there are also more specialist appointments such as:

  • Controllership; and,
  • Scheme of Arrangement.
Appointments may also be effected under the Associations Incorporation Act and the Co-Operatives Act.


For reliable advice on which type of insolvency administration may be appropriate in the circumstances, contact Woodgate & Co.