Credit Issues

Periodically we publish Credit Issues, a newsletter dealing with insolvency related issues. The subject matter of Credit Issues may be of interest to company directors, accountants, banks, solicitors, business advisors, credit managers and other professionals.


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What will become of the tax collector? > View Credit IssueNew Small Business Restructuring Regime – Are You Joshing Me?’ > View Credit IssueThe Importance of Director Duties > View Credit IssueDip Before The Boom? – The Impact of Covid-19 On Insolvency Appointments. > View Credit IssueCoronavirus Measures and Impact on Insolvency Legislation > View Credit IssueA Safe Harbour For Directors – Is It An Illusion? > View Credit IssueOne Year Bankruptcies Are Nearing Reality > Download PDFNew Powers To Collect Superannuation Guarantee Charge > Download PDF2017 A Year Of Change For Insolvency > Download PDFQualified Privilege In Insolvencies > Download PDFMore Legislation To Fight Phoenix Activity? > Download PDFCan A Quistclose Trust Overcome The Unfair Preference Laws? > Download PDFPrivacy No Bar For Overdue Business Tax Debts > Download PDFAre You A De-Facto Or Shadow Director Of A Company > Download PDFA Separate Regime For Insolvent Trusts Or Not > Download PDFCan PPSR Security Registration Errors Be Corrected? > Download PDFIs your assignment of debt valid? > Download PDFBeware of Last Minute Transactions > Download PDFRecent Insolvency Cases – Old Issues Return, New Issues Emerge > Download PDFFalse statutory declarations in the construction industry > Download PDFDealing with creditors of a liquidated trustee companyUnfair preferences in a liquidation – when is a debt unsecured?Business StructuresPPSA and retention of titleRisks to directors from insolvent tradingDirectors’ dutiesDecline in insolvency appointmentsDon’t get caught out by unexpected payroll tax   Changes to the employees’ entitlements protection schemeThe cost of fraudA Liquidator may terminate a tenant’s leaseASIC insolvency statisticsASIC targets phoenix activities.Insolvency and the Personal Property Securities Act.Another insolvency law reform.Charge over professional services income, enforcement of guarantees, barristers’ fees.Director penalty notices.
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