Solvency Checklist

Pursuant to Section 95A of the Corporations Act a company is solvent if, and only if, the company is able to pay all of its debts, as and when they fall due and payable.  This is a cashflow test, not a balance sheet test of solvency.  If your company has one or more of the following indicators of insolvency present, you should contact Woodgate & Co. immediately.


1.  Continuing losses
2.  Liquidity ratios below one
3.  Overdue Commonwealth & State taxes, superannuation and workers’ compensation insurance
4.  Poor relationship with present bank including inability to borrow further and demands from bankers to reduce facilities
5.  No access to alternative finance
6.  Inability to raise further capital
7.  Suppliers placing the company on COD or otherwise demanding special payments before resuming supply
8.  Creditors paid outside trading terms
9.  Issuing of post-dated cheques
10.  A history of dishonoured cheques
11.   Special arrangements with selected suppliers
12.  Solicitor’s letters, summonses, statutory demands, legal proceedings for the payment of debts, judgments, writs or warrants issued against the company
13.  Payments to creditors of rounded sums which are not reconcilable to specific invoices
14.  Inability to produce timely and accurate financial information to display the company’s trading performance and financial position and to make reliable forecasts
15.  Negative cashflow forecasts